Magnetic whiteboard

Due to an iron foil which is embedded in the laminate a very high magnetic effect is achieved. As such, large-format documents, e.g. plans, posters and other objects, can be easily fixed in place with magnets and then removed again without a trace. This Magnetic board with glossy surface is designed to write on with board-markers which can be wiped off dry. The quality of the board marker used, has a decisive influence on the cleaning result.

care / cleaning

Magnetic boards are protected with a removable film. It is recommended to clean the surface after having removed the protective film or before using the board for the first time in order to remove possible residues of the film. For this thorough cleaning a conventional spirit (ethyl alcohol) can be used. We also recommend the thinner V100 from EDDING. Never use detergents such as washing-up liquids to clean the surface because they usually contain fatty substances for the skin. A greasy fi lm can remain on the surface making it extremely difficult to clean the surface dryly then.


The features of the product are particularly recommended for meeting rooms, design and architectural offices, educational institutions such as schools, universities, kindergartens, shop window design.