Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate is an innovative and decorative panel. The panels are strong, self-supporting, moisture resistant and durable. The standard panel thickness is 13mm, it has a black core that when machined, presents a distinctive black edge. 

Compact Laminate can be used in vertical or horizontal applications across a broad spectrum of interior uses.

Compact Laminate has a high resistance to organic solvents such as acetone, toluene, xylene and similar substances. The panels are also resistant to disinfectants and cleaning chemicals as well as food juices and dyes, which affect neither the properties nor the appearance.

Some of the uses include Shower and Toilet Partitions, Privacy Screens, Wall Panelling, Reception/ Counter Tops, Kitchen Benchtops, Vanity Units, Lockers & Office Furniture.

Compact for multipurpose use

The main known use of Multipurpose Compact Laminate lies in washroom systems applications. This stems from the fact that Compact Laminate is self-supporting, strong, extremely moisture resistant and durable. Standard panels are available in a thickness of 6 and 13mm with a black core that when machined presents a distinctive black edge.


The product leans itself to be used in horizontal applications such as ceilings, desk tops, tables, counters and the like as well as vertical applications across a broad spectrum of interior uses. It’s high resistance to a wide range of disinfectants, cleaning chemicals andorganic solvents such as acetones, toluene, xylene and similar substances makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications such as school science and laboratory worktops, hospital interior fit outs, toilet and shower partitions, wall panels, vanities, storage lockers andmore.

Colours and swatches are for reference only. Please view actual product samples before making a final decision.

Laminex Multipurpose Colours

Freeform Duplo colours


Compact for extreme demands

Compact Laminate for extreme demands is a special panel product that meets the stringent requirements for all types of laboratories. Max Resistance2 Compact laminate uses a double cured urethane acrylic coating, where Laminex Laboratory Compact laminate has an electro beam cured (EBC) surface. Both products have proven to be unaffected by solvents and aggressive chemicals. They are easy to clean and have disinfectant properties. The manufacturing process produces a panel that is permanently resistant to moisture penetration. Max Resistance2 is standard manufactured in 13, 16, 19 and 25mm thickness and available in 12 colours.Laminex Laboratory Compact Laminate is standard manufactured in 16mm thickness and available in 3 colours. A list of chemicals and solvents to which each product is resistant is available from our website.


Ideal for chemical laboratories in schools, universities and research centres,hospitals or doctor’s surgeries, photo laboratories, the foodstuffs industry,pharmaceutical industry and everywhere, where absolute cleanliness is demanded.

Laminex Laboratory Compact - Extreme demand

Fundermax Max Resistance2 - Extreme demand


Product & Technical Information

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